What you need to know when coming to Canada from USA

Canada From USA

In case you are planning to travel to Canada from the USA, you must ensure that you know what all needs to be done from your end.

In March, Canada introduced travel restrictions while Canada and the USA also declared a border closure between the two countries that have since been extended until August 21.

However, some people are exempted from these travel restrictions including:

  • Canadian citizens;
  • Permanent residents;
  • People registered under Canada’s Indian Act;
  • Protected persons;
  • Immediate family members of Canadian citizens or permanent residents;
  • Spouses and common-law partners;
  • Dependent children;
  • Grandchildren;
  • Parent or step-parent;
  • Guardians or tutors; and
  • Some temporary foreign workers.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you must be prepared to quarantine for 14 days and have a quarantine plan. Upon arrival, if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, you will be referred to an officer from the Public Health Agency of Canada. You will then be requested to isolate from others for 14 days.

Immediate family members

If you are an immediate family member of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident travelling from the USA, you must not be showing symptoms of COVID-19. In addition, you must be staying in Canada for at least 15 consecutive days. If you are planning to stay less than 15 days, scroll down to the All other foreign nationals section below. You are expected to provide evidence that you are indeed an immediate family member. You must also have a quarantine plan.

Temporary foreign workers

Upon arrival in Canada, you must prove that you have a valid work permit or approval letter, and a proof of employment at a Canadian business. If you do not have a work permit but are employed at a Canadian business, you may be able to apply for a work permit at a port of entry. You must also not be showing symptoms of COVID-19.