Study in Canada: IRCC Introduces New 2-Step Procedure for Fall 2020!

Study in canada - IRCC introduces new 2-step procedure for fall 2020

IRCC releases latest update regarding the new 2-step study permit process for international students. It emphasizes on a simpler and quicker study permit process for the fall 2020 academic year.

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, international students are finding it difficult to provide the required documents for Canadian study permit. Previously, Canada remained shut for most of the international students while only those students having their study permits approved prior to 18th March were exempted from the travel restrictions.

The IRCC has announced a new 2-step application procedure to ensure that international students commence their semester online and can study in canada without there being a need for a finalized study permit. It also stated that it’s planning to rapidly process all the study permit applications which are fully complete. Students who desire to make the most out of this temporary 2-step process should apply for their study permit before 15th September 2020 and fulfill their dram of studying in Canada.

The Newly Announced 2-Step Process

The commencing stage is identical to the regular study-permit process. The international students must make the following submission:

  • letter of acceptance;
  • Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (for Quebec students only);
  • proof of funds;
  • proof that they can leave Canada when they no longer have legal temporary or permanent status; and
  • any family ties to Canada.

Assessment of these applications shall be done by the immigration officers and they are also authorized to give pre-approval. International students can begin with their studies at this processing stage.

For obtaining the complete study permit and in order to travel to Canada, international students need to submit:

  • Immigration medical examination
  • Security-Police certificates
  • Biometrics

Basic Requirements for SDS (Student Direct Stream)

International students wanting to apply through the Student Direct Stream (SDS) can do so only if they are able to submit a fully complete application.

The SDS commits to conclude the processing of study permit applications in about 20 days approx. International students who are from China, India, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal or Vietnam are currently allowed to apply under the SDS.

Online study is now eligible for Post-Graduation Work Permit

If students are planning to finish their study program in Canada and then wish to apply for PGWP (Post-Graduation Work Permit) after graduation, they will require the full study permit. International students can now finish half of their study program online and still they’ll be eligible for the work permit which can let them be in Canada for at least 3 years more.