IRCC Update: Canada to Start Sending Study Permits by Mail!

Applicants of Canada Study permit who already have their approval letters need not wait to go to the border for activation of their permit. International students who are in Canada and who have an approval to study will now be able to get their permit via mail.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has initiated its web form to accept requests from people who have got the Letter of Introductions (LOIs) but can’t travel to a port of entry for claiming their permit. This was introduced because due to corona virus travel restrictions many LOI holders were left in a fix. Despite of having an approval to study, they could not get their study permit without visiting a port of entry. This is because a port of entry is not counted as essential travel. The newly introduced process will now enable international students to claim their study permit by requesting online and thereby receive their papers via mail. IRCC has stated that this option is obtainable till 31st March 2021.

New Online Study Permit Process:

While filling-up the IRCC web form, study permit applicants need to write:

A11EXAM: I am requesting an examination and the issuance of my study permit from within Canada. My application number is [S#########]. I have received my letter of introduction, which is valid until [DATE].

My correct contact information in Canada is:


Mailing Address:

Residential Address:

I continue to be accepted at [DLI Name] and will be/am registered in the [Name] Program.

Later, officials will assess the study permit application for verification of the name of the DLI in the request which should match with the LOI (letter of acceptance). Moreover, factors like whether the applicant’s institution is still accepting international students, and whether their program hasn’t been cancelled, will also be checked. Ultimately, they will look forward to be convinced while taking into consideration an applicant’s financial capability for tuition, living expenses and cost of returning back.

In case the study permit is rejected, officers will have to include case notes demonstrating the reason behind taking a negative decision for the concerned application. They will also have to advise the applicant that at the time of expiry of their status, they ought to leave Canada, or advise them of further steps if the international student is out of status. Applicants who receive approval for their study permit will get their documents via mail, and will they can finally start studying in Canada.

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