How To Apply?

Wondering how to study in Canada? Looking for admission in Canadian colleges/universities? Want to know the application process for Canada student visa? Everything becomes a lot easier, simpler & better when we are there for you! Here’s the Canada student visa process step by step:

How to Apply for Admission in Canada?

Step 1 : Choose Your College / University

Choose Your College / University

Selection of the Institute largely depends upon the program you choose and the level (Undergraduate, Graduate, Post Graduate or Others) you want to apply for.

You can get the detailed information about the Educational Institutes in Canada here: List of Universities/Colleges of Canada for International Students . Check out the programs, choose the college and make a decision regarding the intake you wish to apply through.

Step 2 : Fill The Admission Form

Section 1: Basic Information / Personal Details
Once you take a decision for the aforementioned steps, click on “Apply For Admission”. Read the complete form, the notes and the sections thoroughly. Start entering the details as per your ID proofs.

Section 2: Institute Details
Choose the College/University name from the drop down menu and the courses that you wish to apply for. Select the Intake. If the college/university isn’t in the list, you can just choose the ‘others’ option.

Section 3: Documents
After filling-up all the details, upload the Academic Documents, ID Proof, Birth Certificate, Passport Copy and other additional documents. Before uploading, ensure that the files are properly scanned and are in accordance with the details mentioned in the form.

Step 3 : Submit Form

If you are confused about choosing the Institute and Program or wish to change the same after submitting the form, you can take help of our team and the team will guide you accordingly.

If you do not have any of the mentioned documents or face any difficulties in uploading the documents, you can get in touch with us via our Live Chat or can write to us by mailing to

How to Apply for Canada Student Visa?

Do you have the offer letter from the Institute in Canada and want to apply for Canada Student Visa Online? If yes, here’s the simplest way to apply for the same.

Step 1 : Fill Up the Form

Click on the “Apply For Student Visa” button and fill the form as mentioned.

Personal Details
Fill in the personal details in accordance with your id proof and bank account. Ensure that all the spellings are correct (as the same will be used for your visa application).

College Details
After filling up the Personal Details, enter your college details. Upload the offer letter, choose your college, program and intake from the drop down menu as per your offer letter.

Upload Documents
Upload the relevant academic documents, passport and birth certificate. Ensure that all the documents are properly scanned and are not heavy files.

Step 2 : Submit Form

Once the form is submitted, our team will get in touch with you for further application process and other requirements.

If you face any difficulties while submitting the form you can chat with us or can get in touch with us by mailing to

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Where to Submit necessary Documents?

Documents not submitted through the online method can be mailed to: