What is Approval-In-Principle? Read how it helps you study in Canada!

Know All About AIP

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is rolling out measures to help international students study in Canada by providing a fast-track study permit process. The government is also introducing a temporary two-stage study permit process for those beginning a new program online this fall, it said in a news release.

The two-stage approval process is aimed at international students who are unable to submit the necessary documentation needed to process their Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) application due to COVID-19-related restrictions.

The new process introduced by IRCC, allows international students to go ahead with their plans once they receive an “approval-in-principle.”

IRCC will provide an approval-in-principle for study permits if students pass the first stage, which include:

  • showing that they have been accepted at a Canadian college or university;
  • have enough funds to support their education in Canada; and
  • meet all other study permit requirements

International students would then have to submit all outstanding documents and be approved before they can enter Canada.

The full approval requires submitting biometrics, an immigration medical exam and a police background check, said the report.

This process is available to students starting a program in the fall semester who submit a study permit application before Sept. 15, 2020, said IRCC. It also added that an approval-in-principle is not a guarantee that they will receive full approval of their study permit application, or be authorized to pursue their studies in Canada.

“It is still possible that an applicant could receive a negative final decision on their study permit based on factors such as inadmissibility for criminality or security reasons, and the inability to predict how the COVID-19 situation and any associated travel restrictions will evolve,” it said.

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