Do you want to apply for Canada student visa? Are you curious whether it is safe or not to travel to Canada because of the Covid-19 epidemic? In order to study in Canada, you can apply for your student visa online at – an online portal.

When it comes to travelling to Canada, it is quite safe until you keep taking precautionary measures. Maintaining hygiene around you, staying clean and healthy, wearing a mask and consistently keeping yourself sanitized are some of the basic preventive measures you can take to be safe. Moreover, even after you reach Canada, you will notice that the Canadian Government is putting sincere efforts in making life easier for the international students.

How are International Students Approaching this Situation?

Recently, international students were surveyed regarding this situation, where they said that the covid-19 epidemic will not stop them from chasing dreams of studying abroad. 69% of the 6,900 international student applicants who were surveyed are planning to begin with their higher studies as per their original arrangement.

How is Canada being Helpful to International Students?

Canada is being really helpful to international students in these tough times. It is keen on increasing the total number of working hours allowed to the international students from 20 hours to 40 hours, for several occupations. It has introduced the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) for international students, which promises $2000 on monthly basis. In case of Quebec province, it has decided to automatically extend the Quebec Acceptance Certificates of international students once they are expired before 31st December 2020.

What Should You Do?

If you haven’t applied for Canada student visa yet, get done with your application process first. It involves some necessary steps until you have finally applied for your student visa. We can help you study in Canada by guiding you through the entire Canada student visa process.

If you have already applied for your student visa for Canada and the same has been approved, start planning your departure. Keep in mind the latest regulations of your country as well as Canada’s regulations. Stay updated and take your decisions based on the situation.

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