Admission & Application Process

Step 1 : Applications

  • ($95 – $150) Application Fees (non-refundable)
  • Offer : Unconditional Offer Letter / Conditional Offer Letter

Step 2 : LOA (Offer letter / Admission Letter)

  • An offer letter/ letter of admission is an important requisite for your admission process in a Canadian college/ University.
  • Students having an LOA are not subject to additional requirements as an LOA is a document recognized by the government of Canada and it consists of the information that is required to apply for a study permit

Step 3 : Medical

  • The medical report shall be sent directly to the Canadian Embassy; the candidate does not get a detailed medical report.
  • The candidates will receive a receipt as proof of the medical examination.
  • Venue: A) K.D Hospital B) Apollo Hospital
  • Cost: Rs. 6400/-
  • Place: Ahmedabad
  • Medical examination is compulsory and can be done only after the candidate receives an offer letter.

Step 4 : Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)

  • GIC stands for Guaranteed Investment Certificate, it is a proof of sufficient funds as well as a liquid investment offered by Canadian Banks.
  • The full amount of the same shall be reimbursed by the said bank to the student during the first year of their stay in Canada.
  • A GIC account can should be opened in Scotia Bank, SBI Bank, ICICI Bank and CIBC Bank.
  • The candidate is required to deposit $10,300 CAD (Approx Rs. 6 – 6.5 Lacs) in the GIC account.
  • The amount for GIC should be compulsorily transferred from the Students Bank Account.